Bitcoin advertising

bitcoin advertising

continues to grow. The high growth rates are based on, in particular, appearance of new advertisers of mobile advertising: in comparison to the results of last year they have doubled. The expenditure of telecom took second place 17, and closed the TOP 3 advertisers of electronics and home appliances categories their share reached.

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bitcoin advertising

And service providers is medium or large shipping companies. Banner advertising dominates the market, mobile advertising market grew. In the second place in-page-formats with the result of 12 and the third place is video advertising. Is an international logistics company based in Poland since lands petersons minicrediT This company operates in Europe and also in many other major logistics centers in the world. Without exception budgets for mobile advertising were increased in all categories, especially the rapid rise was observed for the advertising of beverages, household chemicals, automobiles and tourism. In June 2016 the number of mobile devices also become greater. The Peoples Bank of China announced that on January 17 it would be conducted an audit of trading platforms for confidence in the presence of the correct licenses, systems of counteraction to terrorism financing and money laundering as well as measures to prevent market manipulation. Related posts: Advertising costs on Facebook have increased. As for advertising formats, by the number of preview and funds that were spent leader is floating format- 80 of all placements.